25 o'clock
About 25 o'clock
Welcome and thank you for surfing by. 25 o'clock is a great hybrid recording studio in Copenhagen. Hybrid meaning there's a lot of vintage gear but also top notch computers. The studio is very well equipped and very cosy. You can hire the studio with or without engineer or anything in between. Feel free to get in contact whatever your project might be. Have a look around. Hope you like it. Sincerely JJ.
Quick reference dropping
Sterling - Tonemaskinen -prod, mix, mastering
Spids Nøgenhat - Live Roskilde - mix, mastering
Power Solo - BloodSkinBones - prod & mix
Aron - several records - mix & mastering
Lily Electric - remixing
Figurines - Shake a mountain - prod, rec, mix
Gravy - Glory To Our Brilliant Name - prod, mix
The Defectors - first 3 records - playing & recording